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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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heartache is already settling over the community and brandon kincaid's family. his facebook profile says here and his wife are expecting a baby boy. the director of wayne county public schools is here this morning. he is says in the past two years kincaid made a tremendous impact on these young students. >> it was his true passion. the odd what i can tell you. the impact he has had on the children and staff -- it is a very difficult situation. there's a very good teacher. we hate to have this happen. andrea: the emotion that is
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these walls -- grief counselors have been brought in to talk to the students. no students solve the accident this morning, the terrible tragedy. they are starting to figure out what happened. counselors are on hand, 20 of them, to walk them through this difficult time. the school sent out messages to let parents know what happened to a and mr. kincaid was hit by the bus. they made personal phone calls to students in his classroom, and those who were in the daycare class. they have made their way into the school -- they had made their way into the school where the accident happened. those students got a call to other parents know what happened. we will continue following this to see with the police will say about what led to this terrible accident.
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john: breaking news in apex. a highway patrol helicopter is searching for a missing man near the carriage downs neighborhood of olive chapel road. the helicopter is searching for joseph hertzig. here's a photo. he left his home last night at 7:30 and may suffer from dementia or another cognitive impairment. he is six feet tall, 75 years old, 200 30 pounds, last seen wearing a toronto blue jays coat, a maroon fleece, a bluestocking cap, and blue jeans. barbara: a dump truck crash near highway 28. it had a concrete barrier and flipped. another truck may have very ended the dump truck. the road is down to one lane eastbound approaching highway 98
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also, north carolina's barge congressional primary race they be in limbo. there is a new deadline for critics of the elect oral map on why that -- on the electoral map on why the lions need to be redrawn. john, good afternoon. john: yesterday someone remark that this is the most confusing and confused primary election in the state history. it could get more so. where talking about the congressional districts, they are in flux. the lines which determine which congress people we can vote for. last week they said the state had made race too much of a factor when drawing the line so elections couldn't be held in districts one and 12. there is a motion to stay that
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the critics at 12:00 will meet today to counter that. that is where we are. they are deciding whether to make the state redraw the map's the march 15 primary. >> there are a lot of things going into executing an election. a lot of that has already gone into this election. they are seeing if they can legally certified the results. john: what happens if the courts stay the course and say you have to redraw the maps before the march 15 primary? we will break down the possibilities at 4:00 today. abc 11 "eyewitness news." john: joseph hertzig in apex has shape. also, violence erupting outside
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a man shot in the face with a flare gun. stephanie lopez is on the scene what happened? stephanie: police finished with the crime scene. the folks inside our opening after officers interviewed employees to find out what happened and what would cause a man to shoot another man in the face. a authorities have taken a man into custody after he shot another man in the face in the bathroom of this panera bread restaurant. police have not filed charges as they are still in the process of investigating. an employee says that he saw him being taken away by ems. he says it is a quiet shopping center. >> you would expect it to be
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we have a lot of school traffic during that morning, and this area is used for a parking lot for students. then for others to take the bus. stephanie: durham police tell us they will continue to update us as they gather information. stephanie lopez, abc 11 "eyewitness news." john: this afternoon, a suspect charge with the murder of a raleigh taxi driver will make his first court appearance. 25-year-old major earl edwards, jr. was arrested following the murder of nicholas dominquez outside of an apartment complex yesterday. laurier rodriguez is at that apartment complex with the latest. gloria: this is where dominquez
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the area is still a crime scene. it is the area where i was a dominguez was shot early yesterday morning. police continue to investigate. they have arrested major earl edwards, jr. of louisburg in connection with the murder. he is being held without on. the manager of the a mango tax -- the amigo tax service says they are sending taxicabs to be service saying they want to be in court when edwards appears. they are not confirming that dominguez was being robbed. edwards has an extensive police record. we will be out the courtroom today at 2:00. we will bring you the latest.
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barbara: a capital murder trial and a critical piece of evidence. he was interrogated by police on video after his arrest. the jury watched the video at the weight county justice center. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. it was hard to hear every word of the video from the gallery of the courtroom. some portions were audible like when he was pressed about whether or not he was in a different home. >> i wasn't even in their apartment. >> that juror heard from a codefendant earlier. trayvon smith was on the balcony. they saw 80 minutes of the video
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melissa jones was found by her eight-year-old daughter beaten and stabbed to death. it was in the raleigh apartment in north hill. smith says that although he was not in the apartment with ronald anthony, he did hear a woman scream. >> i didn't go to sleep. like something you would hear on a war movie. >> smith has maintained throughout the interview he did not go in the apartment. the question is if jurors will believe that. at the beginning of the trial they said that smith dealt the first blow. you can watch all of this as it
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on our live stream. barbara: thank you. john: new details about the super bowl crash involving governor mccrory. it was a three-car chain reaction rear end crash. the governor suffered only minor injuries and complained of knee pain. he is recovering in north carolina. >> everybody can have a job. john: a cumberland county man says he has the solution to the coal ash debate, use it to create jobs. he and his friends are spreading the word about an -- a discovery that they believe can change the world. turning coal ash into a durable plastic product.
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coal ash product. he set up in downtown fayetteville proving a demonstration of the material in the back of his pickup and showing how to use coal ash and its plastic form. >> you can use it over and over. it is not a one-time thing. i've used this two times already. you can see it is still the same thing. it can be made into products. john: he will continue to travel to give jim instructions -- to give demonstrations to get people on board with his discovery. a company in fayetteville announces the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.
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john:john: raleigh residents can more square bus station. from now until 5:00 p.m. project plans are on display. they include removing or replacing most of the bus shelters and adding bus lanes. the station is being renamed the go raleigh transit station. there triangle town center mall will see renovations.
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they are restructuring their loans to move ahead with improvements. no word on what they may include. barbara: the goodyear tire company lost 380 million dollars in the first quarter of last year. company shares have fallen since the start of the year. the company lost money, but it was not as much as investors on wall street expected. the dow jones is down 48 points, the nasdaq down 12 points, the s&p 500 down six points.
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john: voting in the new hampshire primary are underway -- is underway. barbara: donald trump and bernie sanders are expected to come away the big winners. voter turnout is steady add polls across the state. it is too early to tell if turnout will meet expectations or break records. the national party conventions will select the nominee. stick with abc news tonight. john: meteorologist don schwenneker is with us. don: some folks are seeing son,
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not a ton of rainfall, but a few spots. let's look at the next 12 hours as you head out and about. we will see temperatures staying in the middle 40's, then falling through the 30's as we go through the evening. freezing by 7:00. from there, and the sandhills, middle 40's. by 10 :00, middle 30's and cooling off with cold air heading in. i have it zoomed in down 82 in johnson county. you can see a little shower activity. it looks worse than it is. it looks heavier, but it is light rain working through that part of the county. in southeastern raleigh, if we show you the rest of the region, county. it is light and moving east.
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rain. across the region, what is happening as far as numbers go, downtown raleigh you can see cloud cover and it is 41. 60% humidity with the west wind at 10 miles per hour. blue sky in fayetteville with cloud cover working through with 42% humidity and the west wind at 13. springs. through the rest of the region, 41 in chapel hill. 42, stanford. warty for, wilson. -- 44, wilson. a look at the latest radar picture, and zooming out to show you what is going on regionally he, the clouds are getting
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zooming out to show you the rest of the region, you can see a gigantic area of low pressure that is spending. everything is moving counterclockwise. that is pulling moisture down and throwing it, and it is also giving us colder air. today, we are dry and colder. after this instability through the afternoon, by 6:00 most of the precipitation is out of here. overnight, the skies will be clearing into tomorrow, and that is the colder air. for the rest of this afternoon, partly sunny in raleigh, below average temperatures from the middle 40's for highs. in the middle part of the viewing area, 45 bumgarner. before in durham. south, 46, pinehurst.
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to the north, heading into henderson, code-3. -- 43. 41 in wake forest. 25 in raleigh tonight. 25, durham. your first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow mostly sunny. 37 and mostly cool. cold air for the weekend, saturday, 39. sunday, 30 degrees with a wind chills around zero. today is the warmest day of the next seven. john: thank you, john. the panthers may not have won the super bowl, but they were treated like heroes.
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celebration.john: they may not have brought back the lombardi trophy, but panthers fans are proud of their team. barbara: they got a welcome back in charlotte last night. hundreds gathered at bank of america stadium to greet the team as they returned from santa clara. the panthers lost 24-10 in super bowl 50. john: cam newton's post
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and criticism. it turns out that it wasn't the reporter that cam newton was tired of. cam newton was forced to listen to the broncos quarterback brag about the strategy. he could've handled it a lot that are -- a lot better. barbara: celebrating in new orleans. john: the city is in the middle of mardi gras. today is the culmination of the carnival season, which ushers in the start of lent tomorrow with ash wednesday. barbara: tonight, durable hold its sixth annual mardi gras parade at 6:45 followed by the
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john: a teacher at a goldsboro elementary school is killed by private bus. barbara: the latest news and
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>> the only station with three newsrooms, and downtown raleigh, drown, and fate though. -- and fayetteville. abc eyewitness news continues. barbara: a teacher dies in goldsboro after he was hit by day care bus. andrea, good afternoon. andrea: this is a 25-year-old teacher, two years into his life's passion. it happened while the children are on the front side of meadow
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after four hours this morning, the firefighters were focusing their investigation on the parking lot you see here. this is where we believe it happened. no students witnessed the accident. there is a possibility that someone could have. at 20 five years old, brandon kincaid was wheelchair-bound and in his second year of teaching second grade at a metal lane. at 8:15 this morning he was in the parking lot when he was struck by a private bus from small world day care center. he was rushed to wade memorial hospital where he died from his injuries. the police are looking into how this unfolded. to add more to the grief that is settling over the community, the school, and brandon kincaid's
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says that he and his wife are expecting a baby boy. the school leader says that he was a leader in the classroom. >> and was his true passion. it shone through beyond what i can tell you in the classroom. the impact he has had on the students and staff -- it is a very difficult situation. he was a good teacher, a good person, and we hate to have this happen. andrea: the school sent out automated messages after the accident at 8:15 leading parents of the young students know what happened. they also called particular parents. counselors are inside the school building right now helping these young children walk through what
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teacher -- what happened today to beloved teacher brandon kincaid. we're live in goldsboro. abc 11 "eyewitness news." john: thank you. in person county, the manhunt for murder suspects. a first-degree murder warrant is out for sure rod avery's do or who is charged yesterday. -- and warned out for sherrod avery stewart, who is charged with stabbing nolla bently. despite emotional appeals from sharrod steward's brother the suspect remains at large.
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stabbing death of nolla bentley at her home. her friend wants justice. >> i couldn't do anything to help her. >> the suspect might read this story about himself. >> we ask you to turn yourself in so we can talk with you safely, ensure your safety, so you will not continue to bear the burden of this heinous act. >> his mug shot is part of a national database of persons wanted r the law. viewers are urged to share the picture online. >> no matter where he goes, his face will be on social media all over the nation. he will not be able to continue to hide. >> the suspect may not be dangerous now, but that could change the longer he is out
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do not try to apprehend him yourself, contact the authorities. abc 11 "eyewitness news." barbara: in raleigh, a man charged with killing a raleigh cab driver will make his first appearance before a judge. 25-year-old major edwards, jr, was arrested overnight. gloria: nicolas dominguez was killed in a parking lot behind me. the area is still a crime scene. it is the area where taxi driver nicolas dominguez was shot to death yesterday morning. they have arrested major earl edwards, jr. of louisburg. he is being held at the wade county detention center without bond. the other taxi driver say that dominguez was being robbed. the police have not confirmed
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there are multiple suspects in a white car. if you have information, call the raleigh police department. john: thank you. jurors in the capital murder case of travion smith watched a critical piece of evidence. he's accused of beating and stabbing a raleigh mother. he was interrogated on video after his arrest. the jury finished watching that this morning. and has more details. ed: it was hard to hear every word inside the courtroom. hopefully the jurors, who were closer to the screen, could hear it all. there were parts that were audible when he was questioned about if he was in the victim's home.
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they said that he was on the balcony of the apart that. detectives told smith that his codefendant was accusing him of murder. melissa huggins-jones was found by her eight-year-old daughter, beaten and stabbed to death, in 23rd team. he said he was not in the apartment with ronald anthony, but he heard a woman scream. >> i didn't even go to sleep, i didn't even go to sleep. racing thoughts. i've never heard a woman scream like something you would hear on a horror movie. ed: the question is if jurors will believe that smith stayed outside early in the trial
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that smith delivered the first low. you can watch all of this live right now. there is a crime scene investigator on the stand. go to, look for the live video link, and you can watch it online. john: all eyes on federal court where judges couldn't decide if the north carolina primaries can proceed as planned. barbara: there would be numeral tuesday congressional districts read drawn. john: 4:00 anger anna laurel -- anger anna laurel is here. >> it will resume -- it resumed at noon. we're working on our resources to make sure that happened. republicans relied heavily on
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first congressional districts. they said the same thing about the 12th congressional district. they agree with critics who agree with packing and minority voters to dilute their power. the prospect every drawing voting lines so close to election day is a logistical nightmare. >> who would have time to reprint valid or close equipment . it could change the way that we are dealing with the election. >> republicans released a statement saying we trust that adderall trial court, who did not intend to though our state into chaos. we will continue to check. if the court issues a stay it would allow the march 15 congressional primary to take lace as planned. john: thank you, anna.
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requesting an emergency stay in the federal ruling that could delay the vote. -- you just did that story. let me tell youening scene in an
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barbara:john: to espn radio station in charlotte is boarded up. barbara: a car crash into the building. that was the crash heard over the air as they were wrapping up a show at the uptown studio. no one was hurt. they had worried about this very thing happening. they won't say what caused the crash. an investigation is underway. >> we begin with a terrifying scene in india. a leopard on the prowl inside of the school. six people were hurt trying to tranquilize the cat in bangladesh. it took rescuers 10 hours. it was released into the wild. two cars crashed when a gas stations can it be collapsed in
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they were surveying cracks in the structure when it fell. the gas station is now closed. >> i can tell you there is one issue out there. [gasp] >> a bernie sanders supporter collapses onstage. a woman rarely missed hitting her head on the lectern. she was able to walk off the stage. and extreme fireworks capturing a 500-year-old tradition of the chinese village celebrating lunar new year. it involves throwing these against a city wall. it started because the the rich could only afford fireworks.
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degrees. it is dangerous, but a very beautiful site. -- beautiful sight to see. john: you can see the must-see videos at any time by going to or using the abc 11 eyewitness news mobile app. schwenneker joins us with details on the winter weather. >> snow, rain, and strong wind associated with a winter storm are causing a headache. voters in new hampshire are waking up to drift conditions. this car rolled into that ditch. seven inches have fallen in the granite state. travel concerns will continue overnight. this is new york. high tide and strong wind turned
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parks cars are submerged in at least a foot of water in many neighborhood roads. a coastal flood warning for the entire jersey shore. nine people were hurt along the coast of delaware and new jersey. a blizzard shuts down parts of interstate 35 in iowa. one person had to be pulled from their vehicle. the same system that created all of these problems will be moving out later today. more snow might be on the way tomorrow. more warnings are already in effect. we will look at the impact of that later. barbara: a six commuter crane crashed head-on. john: why it took a while for german rescue crews to reach the 150 people injured.
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downtown durham. meteorologist don schwenneker says to get ready for cold temperatures. don: this weekend will be colder than today. today is the warmest of the next seven.
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barbara: to commuter -- 2 commuter trains crashed head on in germany. john: 150 people were injured. helicopters rushed to the remote area in southern germany. many had to be cut out of the wreckage and transported across the river for medical care. barbara: we have cold temperatures on the way? don: sprinkles and showers in spots. a couple of rain drops out there. let's look at the next 24 hours. you will see some sun and clouds mixing. 20's tomorrow. colder and struggling to make 40 degrees.
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johnson county and eastern wade county, around rocky mount, down to goldsboro, light shower at unity. near henderson and roxboro that is sliding to the north and east and pushing out. we watch that through the afternoon. as far as into downtown raleigh, 41. the dew point at 28, a 60% humidity with the west wind at 10 miles per hour. 42 in medicine. i have been watching the wind gust to 20 miles per hour. fayetteville couple more sunshine, 45, a west wind at 17. lots of sunshine off of the water with the wind gusting to 25 miles per hour -- so a lot of
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that is a cold-looking picture. the air temperature is 11. they have the cold air that will be working closer to the triangle. upper 30's to lower 40's across the area. 39, apex. 41, chapel hill. 44, goldsboro. looking at the satellite and radar composite, you will notice the temperatures are keeping things warm enough to keep it green. just warm enough that any precipitation is falling as raindrops. this is a massive system shoving cold air down. we will see cold air toward atlanta and alabama. that moisture is broken apart by the mountains, that is why we are seeing snowfall. tonight, the sky will clear out
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tomorrow afternoon, sunshine for your wednesday. temperatures are below average with a partly sunny sky. your seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, 40's for high tomorrow. another round of cold air will push in with highs on thursday struggling to get out of the 30's. friday, slightly warmer with colder air behind it. 39 on saturday. 30 on sunday. the wind chill could be below zero. above freezing next week.
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barbara:john: developing this afternoon, police and goldsboro are investigating an accident that killed a second grade teacher in the parking lot of metal lane elementary. -- of meadow lane elementary. rendon kincaid was hit by a private bus from a day care center.
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students and teachers deal with the tragedy. barbara: a man was shot in the face with a flare gun at a shopping center off of durham chapel boulevard. two men argued in the restroom of a panera bread restaurant before the incident. the man has been taken to the hospital with serious injuries. john: waiting to hear if the federal court will stay a ruling to redraw the state congressional districts before the march 15 primary. a primary role the first and 12 districts are unconstitutional. barbara: you can stay connected by going to or the abc 11 mobile app on your phone or tablet. don: today is the warmest. 45 today. tomorrow, mostly sunny. 37 on thursday. write a, 41. -- friday, 41. for valentine's day, we struggle to reach 30 degrees. you can see rain showers
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the south and east to the triangle. that is lighting northeast and we won't see much in the way of sprinkles interim or raleigh. from goldsboro north, you will see rain throughout the afternoon. john: thank you, don. barbara: i am barbara gibbs. for john clark, don schwenneker,
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